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Hi! My name is T-Dilla.

Armadillo002Hopefully, you have just adopted a pet from a 501(c)(3) shelter or rescue. What a great gift you now have! The handout you received about my website has the shelter or rescue’s unique ID number.

First, fill out the registry form with your information (your information will NEVER be sold or shared) and choose items you would like for your new pet for your wish list. Signing up with the registry is FREE!

Next, send an announcement to yourself, then forward it to all of your family and friends.   You can also share your wish list link to your Facebook friends and family.  Make your own purchases, of course, and soon your new pet will start receiving gifts in the mail!

The best part of using The Pet Gift Registry is that 10% of every item purchased will be donated to the shelter or rescue you designated during checkout!

Even if you already have a pet and did not adopt, you can still sign up on the registry for FREE, select items, send an e-mail to your family and friends, share on Facebook and pick a shelter or rescue from the list to receive the 10% donations.

If your favorite shelter or rescue is not on the list, send me an e-mail and request it be added. My people will contact the shelter or rescue and invite them to join the fun (and the 10% donations).

If you have any questions or do not find an item you are looking for, contact me at and I will have my people contact you.

Check back with us often as we are continually adding new products for you and your pets.

Shipping is free through the end of March 2013

Register NOW! It is FREE and easy and it’s FUN!